Are You Sleeping Beauty?

Today as I was basking in Taylor Swift’s sonic wonderment while carting my eleven-year old daughter to school, I found myself drifting into Never Never Land. (Her songs always catch me away to the land of Disney for some reason…) I starting musing over the story of Sleeping Beauty. Don’t you love it? The beautiful […]

Will You Be Ready for the Call?

I’ll never forget the day the call came in. It was a warm, balmy summer afternoon in July of 2004. I just came back from Bermuda celebrating an anniversary with my wife, just enjoying some time away. Our beautiful daughter was a little over a year old and it was a chance to refresh our […]

Membership Has Its Privileges

When I was a student back in the late ‘80s at Virginia Tech, I heard the statement for the first time, “Membership has its privileges.” I used to see the ads all over TV and in the magazines, and I thought, “Wow. If I could just have one of those cards, I’d be somebody.” American […]