Membership Has Its Privileges

When I was a student back in the late ‘80s at Virginia Tech, I heard the statement for the first time, “Membership has its privileges.” I used to see the ads all over TV and in the magazines, and I thought, “Wow. If I could just have one of those cards, I’d be somebody.” American […]

No Such Thing As Can’t – Just One Simple Rule

I was floored when I first saw this video. It’s a testimony to so many things – to faith, to no limitations, to following your inner voice to become who you, specifically, were created by God to be. And to the power of words and how they frame your future. I don’t know if the […]

Unlock the Catalyst to Your Success

Have you ever wanted something so badly in your life that you couldn’t live without it? I did. My wife Becky. I melted the moment I first beheld her generous, bright, beautiful blue-green eyes. And her glowing smile. And the way she glided across the hallway floating as an angel sent from Heaven (and time […]